Sailing Instruction

Sailing can be relaxing on a warm summer evening on the water, first in the boat with one or two mates, then after sailing enjoying a drink and a bite to eat with fellow members. Sailing can also be exciting for the more adventurous who enjoy the exhilaration of challenging stronger winds.

Beginning sailors receive instruction on an informal basis by the club’s more experienced sailors, at evenings starting at 6:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday. There is an instructor (Skipper) in every boat. Lessons on Albacores are usually 1:1 skipper and crew, although sometimes an extra crew member or First Mate will join the lesson. Lessons on large boats usually include 1 skipper and up to 3 crew (for a total of 4 on the boat).

On Albacores, a three level system of crew, first mate and skipper gives everyone an opportunity to sail at his own level. First Mates can practice their skills without direct skipper supervision. There is always a skipper nearby to assist if necessary. For large boats only two levels are available, crew and skipper.

Skippers have unlimited use of Albacores days, evenings and weekends, subject to races, social events and lesson schedules. The large boats are available for day trips and limited overnight trips by skippers who have qualified to use it on a reserved basis. All included in the membership.