Join The Club

We are the social club with the sailing problem!

Ever wish you had a place to go down by the bay, where you could enjoy evenings with your friends, and maybe learn to sail? We have just that! HBSC offers informal instruction every weekday evening starting around 5:30-6pm. When you join, simply pick a night that you wish to sail and then come down to the club on that evening. You will be paired up with an experienced skipper who will teach you everything you need to know to become a safe and competent sailor. Everyone learns at their own pace so lessons are planned according to your skill level. Once you become an experienced sailor you can achieve the status of skipper which gives you unlimited access to club facilities outside of regular sailing evenings and scheduled events.

The social side of HBSC is very active with regular events where you can watch the sunset while enjoying a meal by the waterfront. We have weekly gatherings in the summer months and our social team hosts large monthly events featuring live bands, great food, and a fun atmosphere.

If you are looking for something on the competitive side or just want to hone your sailing skills, we have a racing program with many regattas held throughout the season. No experience is necessary to come racing, it’s just like your regular sailing night except with a purpose!

Boats! We have lots of them and in different sizes. When you join you will have a choice of which type of boat you would like to learn on. We have 4 larger Sirius 21′ swing keel boats and more than a dozen smaller Albacore ‘dinghies’. We also have 4 Lasers that once you progress to a First Mate, you are welcome to take out anytime. If you are keen to master sailing then Albacores are the way to go. They are fast, nimble, and you learn very quickly because wrong moves can have wet results. Large boats are more for people who may not be up for the excitement of the Albacore and prefer a gentle evening sail. You will still learn to sail on the large boats but at a slower pace. The knowledge you gain learning on Albacores will easily transfer to sailing a larger boat, but not the other way. We ask that you pick one boat to start the season and if space permits, you may have opportunity to try the other.

How To Join?

Once you have decided to join, complete the application using the link below. Fill in the details including the night you wish to sail, which type of boat you wish to sail on (see FAQ’s or above if undecided), and select what part of the club you wish to help out with.  The 2022 membership fees are $400 for a new full member, $300 for returning Crew or First Mates, and $40 for a social member (non sailing membership). New this year, Skippers membership price has been reduced to $250. Payment options are detailed on the application.

**We are not currently accepting new sailing members. Please check back in March of 2023 for updates**

We have changed to an online application to reduce paperwork and provide an easier way to members to join the club. At this time we are only accepting social members. Complete your HBSC 2022 application here.

 If you would like more information about the club, please contact Commodore Terry Wagg or Treasurer  Mark Simpson. Please note that our membership typically fills quickly and we cannot guarantee space.

For large boat sailors, it is Canadian law that all motorized boat operators must have a Pleasure Craft Operators Card (PCOC). Our Sirius’ have a motor and fall under this law. In keeping with this, we require all large boat sailors who wish to be on the helm of one of our Sirius’ to be in possession of a PCOC. There are many opportunities to acquire the card, both online and in person at certain stores. A quick search online will show you your options, just pick the one that suits you best. The HBSC does not offer courses related to the PCOC.

HBSC is an adult club with membership limited to those 19+.