Q: Are you accepting new members?
A: No, membership has closed for 2018. We typically max out our membership in mid to late April so if you know you want to join for next year, try to get your membership in my late March.
Q: How long is the sailing season?
A: Sailing at HBSC begins in late May/early June and runs until early October.
Q: Can I sail as a social member?
A: No, social members are welcome to come down and enjoy the clubhouse facilities but do not sail.
Q: I am new to sailing, is HBSC right for me?
A: HBSC welcomes experienced sailors as well as new members who have never set foot on a boat. Experienced members will move up quickly while inexperienced members may take longer, but everyone has the same privileges. Remember that HBSC is also a great social club so sailing is only part of your experience.
Q: Which boat is best for me, Albacore or large boats?
A: If you are keen to master sailing then Albacores are the way to go. They are fast, nimble, and you learn very quickly because wrong moves can have wet results. Large boats are more for people who may not be up for the excitement of the Albacore, who prefer a gentle evening sail. You will still learn to sail on the large boats but at a slower pace.
Q: How often can I come down to sail?
A: Our weekday program guarantees members one night of sailing each week. Members can choose whatever day works best for them. There may be opportunities to sail on other evenings but that is on an availability basis. Weekend racing and events are open to all members.
Q: Can I bring my brother/sister/spouse/friend/mother in-law sailing?
A: If you are a skipper you are welcome to take anyone sailing when it is not your teaching night. If you are not a skipper then no. (one of the perks to being a skipper)
Q: What kind of boats do you have?
A: We have 17 Albacores, 4 Sirius swing keel boats
Q: Do you rent boats?
A: No, only members can use the boats.
Q: Can I pay on a per lesson basis?
A: No, we are a member only club. One price for everyone for the year.
Q: How much is the membership fee?
A: For the 2018 sailing season it is $300 for returning members and $400 for new members. A social membership is only $40.
Q: Can I get a digital copy of the sailing manual?
A: Yes, click on ‘Club Documents’ on the left pane. You must be a member and know the password in to view this.
Q: Can I register my kids for sailing lessons?
A: No, we are an adult only (19+) co-operative sailing club.
Q: Can I keep my own boat/windsurfer/equipment in the club compound?
A: No, the compound and clubhouse are for club boats and equipment only.
Q: How fast can the boats go?
A: The Sirius’ are heavier boats and fall under the category of displacement hulls. Theoretically they have a max speed of √LWL(18.75′) x 1.34 = 5.8 knots but you have to work hard to get it to this. Albacores on the other hand are planing hulls. More wind = more speed. Potentially in excess of 40kph but most people will capsize well before that.