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Basic Coastal Navigation Course

Looking for something to do while you are staying home? How about some virtual courses that will improve your sailing/boating knowledge? The HBSC is partnering with CYA instructor Jeff Cassidy to bring you an online Basic Coastal Navigation course. The course will consist of 8, 2.5hr sessions on Monday evenings starting on February 8th.

Cost of the course for current HBSC full members will be $120 (partially subsidized by the club) and for HBSC affiliates who are not current full members (past members, social members) the cost will be $170. This price includes practice chart, printed binder of notes, PDF copy of notes, test, certification, and logbook. Participants should have pencil, pen, eraser, note paper, dividers, and a parallel rule.

Please email the Commodore at hbsccommodore@gmail.com if you would like to join the course. We also have pricing for those interested who are not HBSC affiliated, please contact me about this if you know someone who would be interested. There is a limit on participants and will be based on first come first served.

Registration deadline is February 1st to ensure you receive course materials in time.

Course description can be found here

Further notes about course materials and required equipment from Jeff. 

Each student will need dividers and tools for plotting. The plotting tools are ideally a parallel rule or a Portland-type plotter (aka “Weems protractor” or “course plotter”). Other options such as regular 180- or 360-degree protractor + straight edge, or a pair of drafting triangles, may work but add difficulty (not recommended).
For plotting, the Weems 120 rolling parallel rule has become my favourite because it’s fast and easy for all of the exercises that we do. Parallel rules can take up a lot of space and require a few extra steps to use when measuring bearings. The Portland plotter works great for drawing course lines but is a bit finicky for plotting bearings and not that helpful for positions. Simple protractors (180 or 360) are low-cost and work OK in conjunction with parallel rules. You might be able to make it work with a plain ruler but it would be a pain. The Weems 120 is fairly compact, uses rollers to transfer courses parallel, and has easy-to-use angle markings for drawing/reading angles.
Dividers are required for measuring distance, latitude, and longitude. The one-hand brass dividers are lovely, nautical, and easy to use with one hand (squeeze top curved section to open; squeeze bottom together to close) but more expensive. The nickel-brass option is more budget-friendly but slightly less pleasant to use (no adjustable friction, needs two hands). Both work fine.
After searching a number of vendors online and in store, I’ve been able to get volume pricing that’s beats any of the options. If you don’t have this stuff already, you can save a couple bucks *plus* the cost of shipping by adding one of the two options below to your registration. I will deliver along with the course materials to your home between Feb 1 and 8:
Option 1A: Weems 120 parallel rule + fancy 7” brass dividers $65
– or –
Option 1B: Weems 120 parallel rule + budget 5-3/4” nickel dividers $42
Pictures are attached (not to scale!)
Option 2: Official print copy of Chart 1, 2016 (most recent) edition $9
Chart 1 is available online as a free PDF, however a print copy is easier to handle for the course. Boat owners are required to keep a colour print copy on board. Being >100 pages, it’s cheaper to buy the book than print it yourself in colour.